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Complexity Simplified®
Trial Expertise

Our firm philosophy is Complexity Simplified® because we never forget that judges and juries who decide winners and losers in court can only be persuaded by facts and arguments they understand. From the moment we are retained as trial counsel we begin thinking about how to visualize the complex aspects of the case, and immediately begin developing powerful trial demonstratives and graphics to make our trial themes accessible to the judge and jury. We begin each new case by envisioning the end – the closing argument, the summary judgment motion, and the final appellate brief. Using this vision of how we expect to win, we develop and execute a focused roadmap to trial and beyond.

In addition to our role as trial lawyers, we understand that our clients need trusted advisors. While our objective is to provide the highest-caliber litigation and trial services, the only way to accomplish that goal is to understand and achieve our clients’ overarching business strategies and objectives. Working with our clients, we think creatively to develop strategic alternative solutions. Sometimes a “win” means finding a creative way to avoid a dispute altogether. Other times it means turning a dispute into a new business opportunity, or simply finding a way to control legal costs.

But for some commercial disputes the only way to “win” is to succeed in court.

Those are the cases we live for, and we formed Skiermont Derby LLP to be on the short list of law firms that clients call when they need experienced trial lawyers.

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