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Skiermont Derby LLP was formed by big firm trial lawyers to be the boutique firm clients go to when they find themselves in litigation. 

We prepare to take every case we file to court, and win.  This process usually begins before we are even retained, and every member of our highly-selective team plays a role in developing a case-specific trial strategy that we implement at each stage of the lawsuit, from case initiation through discovery, dispositive motion practice, voir dire, witness examinations at trial, and closing argument. 

Other times, our clients retain us late in the life cycle of a case, including on the eve of trial.  Whether because a settlement falls through or because a change in the lawsuit or economic circumstances demands that trial go forward, Skiermont Derby often takes over cases at the eleventh hour and delivers for our clients, often even bringing new perspectives and trial theories that had been missed throughout the lawsuit. 

Every lawyer in this law firm is a litigator; our lawyers live to be in trial.  We welcome each and every opportunity to handle high-stakes trials for our clients, whether in federal or state court or private arbitration.

Patent Litigation

We have a successful track record of assisting companies that have been accused of patent infringement make a comprehensive and successful defense in the courtroom.  Additionally, we partner directly with inventors and businesses to help them enforce and monetize their patents in order to head off any potential future litigation, enlisting the help and advice of recognized experts in the field in question to ensure all aspects of the case have been thoroughly examined.

Our experience in this area spans many technical fields, including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology, telecommunications, computers, consumer electronics, e-commerce, speech recognition, and many others.

Inter Partes Review

We have substantial lead-counsel IPR experience on behalf of both Patent Owners and Petitioners who are challenging patents.  We can help you carefully weigh the pros and cons of filing an IPR petition, as well as answer any questions you may have about the nuances of the process or how best to present your case in the courtroom.  We are equipped to handle every aspect of the IPR proceeding for both Patent Owners and Petitioners.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual Property Advising

Whether you’re a patent owner or someone being accused of patent infringement, we are here to represent your litigation and craft a winning defense.  The approach we take is catered to your specific market area and its unique qualities.  Our team has extensive experience working with technology and industry portfolios, allowing us to not only represent your interests, but to also advise you and help develop long term strategic and tactical moves that will ensure your business continues to grow and succeed.

    Copyright/Trademark/Trade Secret Litigation

    Our first priority is to protect and defend our clients’ intellectual property assets and claims of improper use.  We do this by not only evaluating the litigation potential of a client’s claim, but also being ready to take quick action to help develop claims against violations of their properties.  We partner with clients who are seeking non-patent protection for their trade secrets, with the majority of our clientele working in high tech industries or software companies.

    Complex Commercial Litigation

    Anti-Trust, Unfair Competition, and Consumer Protection

    Our clients include plaintiffs in representative and individual actions to combat anti-competitive, unfair, and deceptive business practices.  Skiermont Derby LLP has acted as nationwide liaison counsel in cases assigned to the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, and our attorneys have prosecuted and defended claims under the Sherman Act, Clayton Act, and analogous state laws throughout the country at trial and on appeal.

    Business Litigation

    Our clients include multinational, national, and family-owned companies as well as individuals on both sides of fraud, contract, business torts, and related actions in federal and state courts.  Drawing on the decades of experience our attorneys have in prosecuting and defending complex business disputes, Skiermont Derby LLP is well-positioned to aggressively pursue and achieve our clients’ interests inside and outside the courtroom.

    Employment litigation

    We represent employers and current and former C-suite talent in all forms of employment litigation.  For our corporate and other institutional clients, we advise on and defend wage-and-hour class and individual actions, as well as whistleblower, retaliation, discrimination, and harassment claims.  On behalf of individual clients, we have successfully pursued executive compensation, freeze-out, retaliation and discrimination claims. 

    Real Estate Litigation

    Skiermont Derby LLP represents clients in a variety of commercial and residential real estate litigation.  Our clients include entity and individual investors, landlords, and homeowners’ associations.

    Entertainment and Media Litigation

    Los Angeles is the Entertainment Capital of the World.  Our clients include investors, executives, producers, and talent—on the plaintiff and defense side—in a wide range of complex entertainment and media-related litigation.  From negotiating pre-litigation content acquisition or investor buyouts to real-life courtroom drama, Skiermont Derby LLP has the experience needed to guide our clients through high-stakes entertainment disputes.

    Securities and Shareholder Litigation

    Skiermont Derby LLP represents group and individual investors in complex securities and shareholder derivative claims in federal and state court.  We have successfully guided clients through high-stakes disputes against some of the most well-known institutions and biggest law firms in the United States.  We also routinely represent minority shareholders, investors, and executives in freeze-out, buyout, and related disputes involving private and closely-held companies.


    Not every case ends the way it should in the trial court.  Skiermont Derby LLP attorneys have experience and success in pursuing appeals in federal, state, and administrative courts of review, including through securing the complete reversal of erroneous decisions that would otherwise have disposed of a case. 

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